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Foster Parents:

Caring About Kids raises money to benefit foster children who have been placed in foster care by the court, and their placement is supervised by any of the foster care agencies in Ingham County.  These agencies are the Ingham County Department of Health and Human Services, Bethany Christian Services, Child and Family Charities, Samaritas and St. Vincent Catholic Charities.

Caring About Kids provides every child in foster care with a Christmas present each year. The members of the Junior League of Lansing and their "Shop 'til You Drop" program assist us in this project.

Caring About Kids, in April 2000, introduced the “Share the Music” program.  We accept musical instruments from the public and prepare the instrument for distribution to foster children.  We have many in our stock and can meet most requests.  The instruments are free to foster children. 

Go to the "Share the Music" area of our website to see what instruments are available for your child.  Contact your caseworker to make a request for an instrument for that unleashed musical talent in your child.  Click here to fill out a form to get a musical instrument.

In addition, Caring About Kids provides a myriad of goods and services to kids in foster care, such as tuition scholarships for educational purposes; tuition at camp in the summer, athletic fees and clothing, birthday presents, books, art supplies, eye glasses and other "extras" that cannot be met from usual sources.

HOW DO WE DO THIS?  All our funds come from general donations including donations from the Capital Area United Way Designations, community grants, pop can collections, special fund raising events and private donors.

Contact your caseworker if you have a child that could benefit from a special gift, a special service, camp, a birthday gift or a reward for good grades. Whatever that little something is that will make a difference in the life of your child, make the request. We may be able to help.  Click here to fill out a form for your caseworker.  Please make a copy of the form for your records.

And we would love to hear from you!  Click here to send us an email and let us know how that “little something” from Caring About Kids impacted your child or you. We never divulge names or identify any foster child that we help, but your story helps us continue our mission.  Note: Email is temporarily unavailable. Please call (517) 927-9219.


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